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Paging Dr. Kelly Castro, MD

My mother wanted me to be a doctor, so I became one. At least, for a short time.

The Short Media Group paged me in to portray a doctor working with Elder Options. This public service announcement invited the Latine community to explore verified information about vaccination against COVID-19 for our loved ones.

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I'll See You All in Therapy

No lie, I have my own therapist and she's excellent in helping me navigate life.

Arena Therapy provides a variety of professional mental health services within the Gainesville, Florida community. They partnered with the Short Media Group to promote these services. The Short Media Group booked me and fellow local actors to portray the benefits of receiving this support.

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Taste of My Happy Place

The Angry Orchard team called in Draulhaus LLC to introduce their pineapple and pomegranate-infused apple hard cider. Draulhaus LLC booked me to market this taste of a vacation happy place. I love the opportunity to live out my tropical daydream.

You must be 21+ of age to purchase and consume. Please drink responsibly.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Media Coverage on Life's Rewards

Life's Rewards got picked up on these popular news outlets! I'm so happy I could cry.

Life's Rewards Episode 7 Cover

Click on this image to watch Life's Rewards on the Visit Florida website.

Click on the logos below to read the articles from each news source.

Associated Press
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Making the Most of Life's Rewards

Visit Florida booked me to play Maria, a pregnant hotel maid, as she and her coworkers help the show's protagonist Dan Kinney make the most of his staycation in Florida.

Life's Rewards Cover Photo

Click on this image to watch Life's Rewards on the Visit Florida website.

Click on the Amazon Prime or YouTube logos to watch season one of Life's Rewards.

Prime Logo
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Maybe It's Maybelline

Maybelline New York partnered with Univision to promote their product Maybelline Colossal Mascara, and they booked yours truly.

I'm so grateful to be chosen to represent strong, independent, authentic Latinas.

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